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PlayFeatures of the Bounce House for Rent in Dothan Today

Features of the Bounce House for Rent in Dothan Today

Features of the bounce house for rent in Dothan today is something that is well worth your time to explore. No matter the season of the year or the event you are planning for, bounce houses are a hit for all ages. A bounce house is an inflatable structure that is typically used for children’s entertainment. It is also sometimes referred to as a bouncy castle, moonwalk, or jumper.  The bounce house structures are constructed with durable materials, and this is important because bounce housed get trounced as dozens and dozens of kids bounce till their hearts content. These bounce houses also are exposed to weather of all kinds.

The Safety Feature

Bounce houses are first considered to be a fun place to play and exercise for elementary age kids.  So, let’s talk about the smallest among us.  Moms and dads are always thinking safety for their kids no matter whether inside or outside. The bounce house for rent in Dothan today has an area to jump and a slide.  There are other types that have secret tunnels and rooms and features.  The safety feature refers to the fact that the jump area is fully enclosed with netting and cushioned in every place where kids could jump or bump an arm or leg.  These speaks to high safety and yet the kids have barrels of fun.

Durable Material Feature

The next feature that parents will always appreciate is that of durable material.  There are various types of material used in the construction. But no matter if it is the netting material or the vinyl used on most of the bounce house for rent in Dothan today, it is several things but first it is durable, yet soft.  Some use a PVC tarpaulin, woven oxford, or thick nylon which equals an almost indestructible material. This makes for a place to have rough and tumble fun all day long or all weekend long.  It also makes for a security feature that nothing will break and allow an injury.

There is another aspect of the material the bounce house is made out of and how it’s made.  The material is PVC puncture-proof nylon with reinforced stitching on the seams.  The reinforced stitching is very important to know because that is another safety feature. The stitching is where it could break first so remember this safety feature.  Regulations also require that the material is fire-resistant and tested for safety for young children.

Blower Pump Feature

So how in Pete’s name does the bounce house blow up because that is a considerable amount of weight.  Each bounce house for rent in Dothan today comes with a 450-to 950-watt blower and it also has a grounded power cord.  For better functionality and ease to inflate and deflate, the blower pump has an on-off switch.

Dependent on the size of the bounce house you rent, the blower pump will have a different wattage. Some air blower pumps use a built-in bearing device which performs better than plastics and runs more smoothly.

Design Size Feature

When you decide that a bounce house for rent in Dothan today is what you want for your child’s next birthday party, you will be pleasantly surprised.  You will have a great variety of dimensional sizes to choose from as well as different designs.  Some include a ball pit; others include water slides. Whether you go for a 20’ by 20’ Castle bounce house or one in the shape of cartoons and animals, there are an abundance of designs to satisfy any age and any event that you are planning.

The bounce house for rent in Dothan may be a small 10 foot one up to the largest measuring 30 feet or so. Even though you may prefer the biggest, most parents have to take into consideration the cost. The bigger, the more expensive, however, the smaller ones have varying designs that will put a smile on any child’s face. If it is the hot summertime, your children may have just as much fun in a water slide that puts the into a pool of water.  Yes, I’m talking about one bounce house design with just that.

Happy Bouncing!!!



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