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PlayEvent Rental in Dothan Alabama Will Rock Your Party

Event Rental in Dothan Alabama Will Rock Your Party

Parties are fun in any season you decide to have one and an event rental in Dothan, Alabama will rock that said party. Now we are going to look at some different kinds of events where a bounce house will take a party on to the next level. Birthdays are the usual event but then there are weddings, bar mitzva, sweet 16’s party, family reunions and graduations.

That Graduation Event

The event will many times determine the type of inflatable that will fit.  If you have a graduation party, the participants will be bigger and older so you may want to invest in more than one bounce house. You could also have each one in a different theme. A n event rental in Dothan, Alabama has the perfect bounce house for all those teenagers to do their own style of imaginations.  Because if you think that teenagers to not do the imagination thing, then you’re kidding yourself.  Each one can be decked out with a different theme that is teen-based.

Goin’ All Girly

The sweet 16 party is generally an event with all the frills, puffy princess-like dresses.  But that is just fine because there is a castle-like bounce house with your 16-year-old girls can pretend it all up in style. Throw in a few costumes for all the girls to dress up as queens and princesses. Who know there may even be some kings and princes at the party to carry out their part as well.

And remember that if you have a budget you have to stay within, you can have an event rental in Dothan, Alabama, that is a small unassuming bounce house, and you can purchase some add-ons to the décor and the costumes. Budget is not a problem if you are creative make the bounce house even more than it is.

Weddings and Other Formals

Weddings are dress-up and formal so you would not think of a bounce house to be appropriate for that type of event rental in Dothan, Alabama.  However, think about it. Usually there are quite a group of children because mom and dad want to attend the wedding.  Why not have an inflatable for the children to play in? This way the parents can better enjoy the wedding and visiting with friends and family.

The type of the event rental in Dothan, Alabama has so many possibilities that fit all budgets and all events that you can ever think of.  There are times that you just want to reward your kids for good grades they’ve worked hard for so why not have a bounce house weekend.

It’s All About Safety

No matter what the event rental in Dothan, Alabama, there must be a bounce house monitor the kids playing to be sure all is secure and safe for the kids playing. If the bounce house is put up correctly, it will be secure even if a small wind comes up.  But the other safety is if the kids to horseplaying too rough.  Things can get out of hand so quickly and someone can get hurt and that is something you do not want because it steals the fun.

Parents are often busy with other things during an event or party of any kind so the best thing to do is to assign someone to the bounce house to always have eyes on it.  Make sure also that the kids have clear instructions of what they can take into the bounce house while playing.  All food should be kept outside because if it spills in the inflatable, the floor will be stick and slick.  And somebody will have to clean it before the event rental in Dothan, Alabama picks it up the next day.

Nothing sharp is allowed in the bounce house for safety reasons and to prevent damage to the inflatable. Big and little balls are a hit in the bounce house because they create their own excitement and games as well.  Keeping the ball in the air or keeping it from the other team can both be fun and safe activities to do. Event rental in Dothan, Alabama are also sweet spots for stuffed animal play.

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