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ParentsKids Parties in Dothan Alabama Go Soaring!

Kids Parties in Dothan Alabama Go Soaring!

Kids parties in Dothan, Alabama definitely are launched into space for universal fun for boys and girls alike. Space, rockets and astronauts all are things that kids can do a great deal of playing with. Their imagination is a great asset in all the kid play. So why not go all out for space on your next bounce house party.  You can even rent costumes for the kids to do dress up in as they pretend their NASA adventure.

Blast Off

Capes, astronaut helmets and all the rest will help the kids feel like they are really launching into space as they bounce up, up and away. This is a popular theme because it can engage several kids so that is great for kid’s party event. For this block buster event you can have an inflatable alien bounce house for many kids’ parties in Dothan, Alabama. As always you can add props of all kinds to accentuate the outer space alien concept. These can include costumes, air bombs or any other left-over July 4th fireworks.

Some bounce houses are printed with spaceship symbols and are in the shape of the top part of the spaceship. That is all you need to put the kids into the spirit of flying with astronauts. And remember, no matter your bounce house design, always get your bounce on.

Add-On Bling

Most people need to watch their budget when extra things come along like this, so another idea is to rent a simple bounce house and find a small blow-up rocket to attach onto it or other life size objects or persons connected to space travel. Also, again, keep your left-over fireworks from New Years Eve or the 4th of July.  One of the fun things about the bounce house for kid’s parties in Dothan, Alabama is that there are so many different things you can do with them to adapt them to your event.

Other Flying Objects

It may not be about space, but they do fly and that is birds. For these kid’s parties in Dothan, Alabama, you could rent a bounce house themed as Angry Birds.  Again, you want to spark that imagination so the kids can imagine themselves some extraordinary fun.

Airplanes are always a lot of fun for kids, so you can rent a small or big bounce house and outfit it with various sizes of blow-up airplanes or helicopters. Your party in this case could be “anything that flies”.  There you go let’s include creepy bats because they fly as well.

Never Forget Safety

As parents or caregivers, we always want our kids to be safe during whatever fun event they are enjoying.  There are some guidelines that bounce house rental companies suggest. First and foremost, the most important aspect of safety is making sure that the bounce house is fastened down securely.  Many times, the rental company blows up the inflatable for you and so that includes securely fastening it down as well.  Before deciding to rent a bounce house, you might want to check the weather report because it is recommended to have less than 15-20 mph wind for the safety of all concerned.

The other aspect of safety is that there is to be always at least two adults in attendance to watch all activities of the kid’s parties in Dothan, Alabama.  These adults should be always in “eye shot” of the bounce house and all the bouncing kids.  If one of the adults has to run inside to prepare food, then he or she must assign another person to take on watch duty.  The other reason the adults should be watching is that if one of the kids is injured, someone will be more likely to see exactly what happened.

The third piece of safety advice is what an adult should tell all the kids about dos and don’ts of bounce in a bounce house.

  • Do have fun,
  • Do not take a sharp object inside,
  • Do jump safely,
  • Do not horse around,
  • Do be thoughtful of other kids around you,
  • Do not take food in the bounce house.

The adult presence is key to having a successful bounce house event so have adults designated ahead of time for this job.

Happy Bouncing!!!




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