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ParentsInflatable for Rent in Dothan Alabama Blows the Imagination

Inflatable for Rent in Dothan Alabama Blows the Imagination

Inflatable for rent in Dothan, Alabama may very well blow out the imagination of young children at your next birthday party.  Children love the super-hero aspect and early on in their life will adopt one particularly hero and may even stick with it for some period of years. So, if you are trying to decide the theme for your son or daughter’s next birthday, do not forget super-hero bounce houses.

It is important for you and your children to have barrels of fun in your bounce house event but there is one thing that will generate the most fun.  Safety is always important and must be put first so the entire event is fun not injury. Besides making sure the bounce house is tied down securely before any child enters the inflatable for rent in Dothan, Alabama.

Food and Snack it Up

At bounce house parties there is always food and snacks and drinks.  The other safety item is to be sure all those items are kept outside the bounce house.  If they spill food on the floor of bounce house it will make it slippery and a big mess to clean up before the rental company comes to retrieve it. If it is slippery, that will be a place where someone can fall and injury themselves.

Children will be so excited that they may forget so, remind everyone to remind their playmates about keeping food on the outside. To keep it fun and light you could even offer a prize to each one who remembers to keep food on the outside of the inflatable for rent in Dothan, Alabama party day.

The rental company will have inspected the inflatable before delivering it so it will be the parent’s responsibilities to check it after it is inflated before the kids enter to make sure there are no danger spots. It is also their responsibility to have someone committed to eyes on the kids and the inflatable for rent in Dothan, Alabama. This is party time, and you definitely want everyone to have fun so putting safety at the top of the list assures loads of fun.

The old saying is still true, “Idle hands find mischief.”  That is when unsafe things happen so here is a suggestion. Have a list of games that the bounce house monitor can lead the kids in playing.  Some of the games can be played inside the bounce house to keep them busy and engaged.  This will help avert mischief.

Games Galore

The Freeze Music Dance Game is played like this.  When the music starts, everybody jumps and dances and this is particularly adaptable to a bounce house. But when the music stops, everybody has to freeze and tries to keep their balance as well. This is difficult as the floor of the inflatable for rent in Dothan, Alabama is continually moving.

The Backward Race game starts with everyone standing along the wall facing outside. When the signal is given, they walk backwards to see who can reach the other side of the bounce house without falling down. It will be quite a challenge. Then the players are to run forward to their starting place.

The Crab Walk Race involves getting on all fours and “walk” to the other side then “walk” on all fours, backward to the starting wall.  You can make this a game that continues on and on if the kids are enjoying it.  It is also good for their coordination.

The Balloon Tag game can be played in a couple different ways. If you have different heights of kids, it may be difficult because you have to look up to keep the balloon in the air.  It also makes it easier for the taller kids to run over the shorter ones because everyone is looking up, but not where they are going. So, depending on the age group of kids that you have at the party you can adjust the rules of the game, so everyone has fun.

The inflatable for rent in Dothan, Alabama is one of the best treats for a birthday party for almost every age group. You cannot go wrong when you put together a bounce house event for any day and any season.




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