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FunBring out the Clowns! for Bounce House for Rent in Dothan, Alabama

Bring out the Clowns! for Bounce House for Rent in Dothan, Alabama

Bounce house for rent in Dothan, Alabama has an announcement to make because we are bringing out the clowns to celebrate.  If an event has a bounce house, then the fun and exercise part of the event is covered.  Children have a great way of having fun with simple, like bouncing.

To even bring more fun to the party, you can rent bounce house for rent in Dothan, Alabama in the form of interactive games.  Perhaps the theme of your birthday party for your son is football because he is all in on the game of football.  Then bounce house it out with a football inflatable. The football bounce house is for two players, and they can test their skills against each other as well as other teams.

Fun Whether Big or Little

It is true that children will have whether the bounce houses are a small at 8 feet by 8 feet are 22 feet by 22 feet. Just being a bounce house that they can crawl in and out of is fun.  They can even toss a ball to one another while bouncing. There are standard features with the bounce houses.  They all have an area to jump or bounce.  Then usually there is a small slide to climb into or slide out of.

So that is the basic feature that all bounce houses have.  If that is the bounce house for rent in Dothan, Alabama style that you decide on, you can supplement fun by renting a clown or filling the bounce house with small balls or large balls that you can bounce on as well.

Going Big Time Fun

When you decide to rent the biggest and best bounce house type for your next event, know that you have a very nice selection to choose from an interactive option to simply a large multi-feature bounce house for rent in Dothan, Alabama.  The weather will be a determining factor in which type you decide on because it will not be so much fun to have the water feature if it is winter cold weather.  In that case, your option would be simply a bounce house with a long slide.  Kids do not tire of sliding over and over.

The other feature that you could choose in cold weather is a ball pit.  These are a lot of fun and the deeper the better.  If you happen to have a nighttime party, put neo florescent balls in the pit and get the glow on.  There is nothing kids do better than make-believe so the next big idea for a bounce house for rent in Dothan, Alabama is a theme based one. From a castle to a pirate ship to a jungle obstacle course, you will provide the kids the perfect place to act out their fantasies. There are also accessories which you could provide so they can dress up as well.

Game Up the Bounce House Experience

Whichever bounce house for rent in Dothan, Alabama you choose, there are always ways to “game it up”.  Some game suggestions are the old-fashioned game of Grab the Flag. It will be a much more challenging game with a flexible floor in the bounce house. Another game option would be Dodgeball. Imagine trying to dodge the ball all the while moving up and down. but it will provide a great deal of fun.

Many have played the game Red Light, Green Light but why not put a different twist on it so it is Musical Freeze.  Walk or bounce while the music is playing then stop instantly when the music stops.  Then why not get a balloon and use it as a volleyball. The challenge is to keep it in the air all the while the kids are bouncing. Bouncy balloon attack may be the most challenging because the kids separate into two teams. Each team stands on the opposite side of the bounce house rental in Dothan, Alabama.  The point of the game is for one team to capture the other team’s balloons.  When the game is over, the team wins that has the most number of balloons they have managed to keep from the other team.



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