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FunBounce House Rental in Fort Rucker, Alabama Talks Safety

Bounce House Rental in Fort Rucker, Alabama Talks Safety

Bounce house rental in Fort Rucker, Alabama wants to talk safety because for all those involved in experiencing fun jumping and sliding, their lives are precious. A gust of wind can blow it over if it has not been secured properly. The rental company usually assists with the erection of the bounce house upon its delivery.  So, let’s look at all the different factions of the safety issue so that the kids can have bounce, jump and slide fun without injury since there are so many fun times of play to be had.

Proper Installation Safety

Some locations of bounce house rental in Fort Rucker, Alabama delivery the bounce house then either install it themselves or assist the rent to set it up.  Either way, the most important step here is to be sure it is secured into the ground with stakes.  An inflatable bundle of fun may seem like no one could get injured.  However, if there is a group of kids in the bounce house when an unexpected strong gust of wind hits it broadside, kids will be tossed around.  That is not a good thing and kids could be hurt.  This means that before you let any little human enter the bouncer, double check that it is securely fastened to the ground.

If there is a wind of more than 15 to 25, it is best not to launch the bounce house even when it is staked and anchored on flat ground. Before you decide to have a bounce party, survey your yard or property to be sure you can set up the inflatable away from trees, power lines and fences.

Adult Supervision – Safety’s Best Rule

There should always be adults, in the plural, who are in attendance and have eyes on the bounce house rental in Fort Rucker, Alabama.  It is recommended that only kids of about the same age be jumping at the same time.  If there are older kids with heavy body weight, their bounce could cause the smaller ones to fall. The bounce houses come in a variety of sizes, so it is advisable to observe the maximum occupancy for the size you are using. If you are planning on more kids at your party, you can call the rental company to find out the maximum for each size.

Safety Use Guidance for the Kids

As soon as kids at a bounce house party see it, they will make a dive for the entrance.  However, before any kids enter, the adult must give specific guidance for safety so the bounce house rental in Fort Rucker, Alabama is kept from harm and that the kids are safe.

First it is important that they kids are not in possession of anything sharp that could injure another child or that could slice open some part of the inflatable. All footwear and must be left outside the bounce house. Parties are to be having fun for all but with a group of children and maybe sometimes teenagers, it is vitally important that they all understand the safety precautions. Wrestling, somersaults, or flips and not allowed in the bounce house rental in Fort Rucker, Alabama.

Limiting The Number of Kids Inside

When you plan your party, calculate about how many kids will be in attendance because then you will know the size of bounce house to select.  Even so, you will find the kids will attempt to pill in on top of each other because that just seems like more fun.  The number of kids in the bounce house rental in Fort Rucker, Alabama must not exceed the maximum capacity and weight limit.


Studies reveal that most injuries occur when adults are not supervising the bounce house fun and play. This again reinforces the importance of adult supervision throughout the party.  Adults often get taken up with visiting with their neighbors and friends and absent-mindedly leave the kids to their own devise. If there are older teenagers at the party, you could enlist one or two of them to keeps eyes on everything happening on party day.

In Summary

If you have the best structured bounce house brand in the market, it is still mandatory to follow all the safety rules so that fun is the theme of your party and not injury.  Children can have fun with the mere bouncing in a simple bounce house.  But then you can raise the bar to an inflatable with multiple rooms and a ball pit to mention some of the many options.




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