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FunBounce House Rental Enterprise Alabama is More Fun Than Cost

Bounce House Rental Enterprise Alabama is More Fun Than Cost

Bounce house rental enterprise in Alabama does provide more fun than cost because kids just love all the excitement that surrounds it. Naturally, costs are always a part of the event planning, but all parents also want an event with the most fun. The good news is that when you are talking bounce houses. There is a great variety of sizes as well as different designs.  If you are on a limited budget, just know that there will be a bounce house that fits your budget.

The Size Factor Affecting Cost

The factors which affect the cost of bounce house rental enterprise in Alabama depends partly on the size and partly on the cost of setup.  The size is not only just the square footage but also the design and the various parts of it. The simplest style is only a bounce house and no other features. But then there are the options of a bounce house with a slide on the side and also there are some that have an obstacle course as well.

The advantage of having a combo bounce house is that it might better serve a variety of ages of kids. The younger kids will gravitate more to the play areas which are more accessible and simpler to play in.  That naturally separates the kids by age which also meets a safety standard that is generally recommended.

The Set-Up Factor Affection Cost

On the larger bounce house designs with additional components means that it takes longer for the staff of the rental company to transport it and set it up.  Then if it has a water component, they have that element to consider as well.  The homeowner needs to have a long enough hose to reach to the bounce house. The other reason why the larger bounce house rental enterprise in Alabama costs more is the original layout of cash the owner had to do in the beginning to purchase it

The Location and Duration Factor for Cost

If the location of your party event is in an urban area versus a rural area, you will pay around $100 more.  Also, something else that may affect the cost is if the company has additional transportation costs for the distance they must drive to your party. A bounce house rental enterprise in Alabama may cost out everything together that includes delivery in the rental cost. Sometimes there is no cost if delivery is within 10 miles.

Obviously, the longer time you rent the bounce house, the more it will cost.  The bounce house rental enterprise in Alabama will often put your options into a package like this.  That looks like so many hours for a certain size with a particular number of features.

The Type of Rental Package Factor for Cost

Rental packages may include a variety of features or other entertainments other than the bounce house. If your package includes more than one bounce house for the event that you are planning, the cost will be considerably higher.  Also, then if the bounce house rental enterprise in Alabama must transport more than one bounce house, the cost will be higher.   If the inflatable also includes water slides and a holding pool, the cost to hook up a water supply may cost you extra.

When you rent simply a Jumper bounce house you can look at approximately $75 to $275.  Or if you are renting from a company that charges by the hour, it could cost you $30 to $50 per hour.  Usually, the enclosed bounce house area is in the center of the set up and then all the add-ons are built around it.  Some have obstacle courses, water slides and kiddie pools.  If you are having younger kids, the kiddie pool would be a fun addition to their experience. When there is a kiddie pool then usually there is a small slide so the kids can slide into the mini pool.  On the other hand, if your party is for older kids, they may enjoy the bounce house rental enterprise in Alabama that has the longer and steeper water slide.  This will be between $200 and $600.

There are these options and things you can add onto a basic bounce house to make your event an even more exciting party. Size does affect the cost and the nice thing about bounce houses is that their options are wide enough to fit any pocketbook.




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